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Privacy Policy

Before availing our services, do examine our privacy policy and we strongly recommend it to avoid any kind of confusion. Web Design Staple may be a dedicated firm that guards the secrecy of every individual. It is not regarding our worker or shopper, ensuring personal information is always important for everybody. We tend to ensure to guard all the secret information that you just built available to us.

We can update or revise our privacy policy anytime without any prior notice. In this, we strongly recommend you to keep a check on our privacy policy on a specific time of interval.

When you visit Web Design Staple all the data, for instance, IP address, location, total stayed, trend navigation on web site, computer code used, and the relevant data get stored on our secured server. We use this data for analytics purposes and to enhance our services. Such data will help us to make our services curated according to our targeted audience.

When you enter any of your personal information like your name, email address, phone number, and other communication address via any available form it will be used further to strengthening our services. We never sell your data or make it publically, disclose or sold-out it to anyone or anyplace.

Data Collection And Its Usage

You are required to supply us with the right information before registration. This includes your name, e-mail address, status, phone number, and other mandatory details.

We are encouraging you to give the right information so that we can assort the information and develop strong force. We incline to use your given data to stay connected with you and to update and emigrating you regarding the continued services and comes.

To process the correct data and genuine internet analysis we are required the right details. By using the data provided by you we keep trying to improve our services by working on lacking areas.

We abide to share your personal data with United Nations agency or any other agency that is governed by the USA. Apart from that, we don't give your information to any third party company or organization.

Data Security

All of your personal details that you share with us and the contracts are completely safe and secure with us. We abide to never give access to your data anyone or any organization, not even with our business partners. Securing your privacy is our first priority. We abide to not to sell your personal data for own favors. As we have told earlier it is directly between us and with a 3rd party government association if necessary.

We have a team of highly trusted employees who are responsible to keep an eye on the protection of your privacy.

You are free to not to share any of the information with us. You can simply deny if you don't want to share any of your information with us. However by doing so we may be unable to give you the right solution that you are expecting from us.


On our website you may find some outbound links. However we don’t take any responsibility of kind of action performed by them. For better security if you are using any of website or webpage and about to share your information we strongly recommend you to check their privacy policy too as that is not approved us. Check the website at your level and share any information at your risk. We are not responsible for any data loss or any other kind loss.

Legal Contradiction

We guarantee the security of your data however we tend to defend our freedom to share it with legal authorities just in case if demanded. We can further use to withstand the allegations that are filed against us.

Cookies Policy

Adserver Google act as our third party too that we use to store cookies. We use the stored cookie to understand your behaviour and interests so that we can offer you better services without disappointing you.

Revised Policy

Nothing is stable and same goes with our privacy policy too. After a specific period of time we are required to change our privacy policy. The reason for that can be many. We try our best to update our visitors about any new update but just in case you don't get any update we strongly recommend you to keep check our privacy policy.

As you are here we can understand how seriously you are taking your privacy on internet. We appreciate it and we are with you. To provide you the best we keep working hard and the data we collect from our visitors, we use it to make our services better. Your data is completely safe on our secured server so you don't have to worry about it. To know our terms & conditions you can visit the dedicated page that you can find on our website.