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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all the available and upcoming services provided by Web Design Staple.


When you hire us for any of our work or service it simply reflects that you have accepted our terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to read all of our terms and conditions before hiring us for any service.


Prices offered by Web Design Staple are going to be on per project basis. We usually send the quotations via email to our clients or customers. Quotations itself can individually be valid to the period of 30 days or 1 month. Once the period is over the quotation is considered to be fallacious.

You have to associate that for accepting exclusive outlining services we’d like payments before for finance that to your web site. Payments for the services need to be transfer via bank transfer or check. Checks need to be payable to Web Design Staple.

Client Review:

Being a client you might be asked to leaving a review about the services. A detailed review will be much appreciated. It helps us to make our work process more fluent and easy for our next clients and for our existing customers too.

Turnaround Time

Web Design Staple may install and share public post or offer the Client’s web site at date in agreement with consumer or by the date per the project proposal on the Web Design Staple getting first payment, except a moratorium is expressly requested by the user and in accordance by Web Design Staple.

In return, the user agrees to impose oneself as an initial contact to help Web Design Staple with advancing the function in an remarkably competent and convenient manner.

Throughout the project, Web Design Staple would need the consumer to supply web site content for instance text, videos, graphics images, sound files etc.


Web Design Staple will send the receipt to the consumer via email. All the payments ought to get cleared within fifteen days contrarily higher volume are going to be charged.

Downloading Rights

We allow everybody to assign the information disclosed on our website by just for non-commercial purpose. Moreover you may get to hold the copyright and trademark. Victimisation our website content in public is strictly forbidden. If you do so then you might face serious consequences.


We guarantee the protection of our clients. Our principal goal is to provide services to the clients who are looking for the respective service in budget price. For all of our clients we recommend you never share any of your data like emails, bank information, countersign or any other sensitive data.


We will return the copyright to files, knowledge; find alternative things provided by clients. The clients are agreeing to be expected to request permission for victimisation any third party data. Additional client is chargeable for giving us the permission and rights to use that date and this could be thoroughly harmless to Web Design Staple.


Before accepting services, accurate contract can get signed between Web Design Staple and client, which will be including all our terms and conditions beside client agreement policies. It will even be containing the methodology and payment time. This will help to make a transparency in between both parties.

We recommend you to take your time and read the contract's each point just in case you are not agreeing with any of our terms and condition.